Cornerstone Baptist Church

Money Matters Resources

It’s no surprise that God’s Word talks about money so many times, because God knew it would be a major part of our human lives.  As we talk about Money Matters as a church, there are several resources that are available to help you in this area:

· Further your study of God’s Word on money:   Look up money in your Bible’s  concordance and do a self study. 

For lots of Biblical articles, devotions, or books on money check    out  Or for daily devotionals on money you can  do alone or with your spouse, check you the YouVersion Bible App.. 

· Budgeting Tools and Resources:  for great Biblical based resources, check out

–  Dave Ramseyl— lots of free as well as resources you can purchase as well.  From budget worksheets, apps for your phone to help you track spending, to ways to tackle debt.  Tons of resources.

Crown Financial——Like Ramsey, lots and lots of free    resources you can download to build a budget as well as how much you should be spending in each area of your budget for your household income.

 * both of these sites have great video content as well as weekly radio shows on our local stations (WKLY 104.1FM) or downloadable podcast.

· Financial Classes

– Both Ramsey and Crown offer studies you can do alone, as a couple, or as a group.  Some are even offered locally.  For example, Crossroads Baptist is offering one starting September 1st.  Contact them at 706-376-2570