Cornerstone Baptist Church

COVID-19 Response/Updates

The corona-virus pandemic continues to affect the lives of people around our world, nation, and here in Hart County. We continue to work to love one another well and taking care of each other by following and encourage others to follow the social distancing guidelines. We are thankful to continue to worshiping and meeting together weekly!

Please note a few things before you arrive:

● Masks are encouraged, but not required. We respect your choice.
● Of course, now more so than ever, STAY HOME IF YOU ARE SICK or if you have someone in your family who is or has been sick.
● We continue to stream our 10:40am service on our YouTube, our website, Facebook and on local radio (WKLY 104.1FM) so you can continue to watch from home. Many of our LifeGroups will continue to offer online connections for those who still cannot join us in person. Contact your LifeGroup leader for details.